5 Reason Why You’ll Never Be A Successful Children’s Author

1- Too attached to the results

No one likes to think they’ve spent hours, weeks, or months burying books. It happened, and you need to be prepared for it. You feel that the best book you’ve ever made won’t find your feet, but you put in half your effort, but it will be higher than you think. This could be due to the acceptance of the latest trends, luck, or other factors we are not aware of.

Don’t think about it personally. When the first book didn’t follow the steps, many new authors committed to it. Even if you’ve done everything you can to get you out of trouble, it’s hard to see your latest work falling to the side. When you’ve done everything possible, draw a line in the sand and move on to the next project. Too many writers spend large sums of money trying to make success never happen. Therefore, do not pay too much attention to the results.

2- Expect to Retire After Writing a Book

Unlike Hollywood movies, in Hollywood movies, the protagonist types the word “doom” on the last page of the manuscript and sells like a big seller. Unfortunately, life follows its own rules. One is that you have to work hard to have a happy vacation. If you look at hundreds or even thousands of books published every week, one of your books is just a drop in the ocean. This is generous.

If you compare it to a website with only one page and compare it to a website with only ten, twenty, or a hundred pages, you can be sure that the website with a larger number is the page that more people will find. But don’t be discouraged. You can increase these opportunities by getting your books in as many online and offline bookstores as possible. The more people find you, the better.

That is why it is enough to stop thinking about a book. Start by learning the second and third. Then when you connect with your audience, you will have more books to appreciate.

3- Never ask for reviews

Let’s face that not everyone is a salesperson, so the idea of ​​going beyond friends and family to sell our latest work seems like too much. But if you keep bombarding with the soft voice in your head, ask questions like …, what if they don’t like it? … What if the only comment I get is bad? … Dead in the water.

If you want to succeed in game publishing, you need to keep in mind that not everyone likes your book, not even you. The fact is, these people raise their hands and say, “I am not your audience.” Then it’s your job to find your audience. If you make yourself smaller without asking for comment or making your book appear in front of as many people as possible, it will do you great harm.

4- Do it yourself

Have you ever seen the artist’s rotating record? As they run from one air brake to another, you look at it in awe, accelerate and balance it, then run back to the other. If this is you and your publication, this is all just a matter of time, everything will come your way, and you will give up in frustration. Every major publishing house has a team responsible for the various roles in book creation and promotion. Proofreaders, editors, designers, illustrators, and marketing teams interact with the bookshelf. Wearing all of these hats will never make your book the most successful. Believe me, I know from experience.

If you don’t have the budget to hire someone to do all of these tasks, start small and find the one who can do the weakest tasks. If you’re making a book cover yourself, go to Fiverr.com and hire someone to make a book cover. After completing this operation, hire someone else with copywriting experience to write your book introduction and description, then hire an expert to promote books. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. The longer you persist in playing all of these roles, the longer it will take to succeed.

5- Don’t treat your work like a business owner’s reality

McDonald’s will never open a restaurant that no one walks through, Wal-Mart will never fill the shelves with products that no one wants, Amazon will never sell You only one item on the way to the shopping cart.

But how many writers have made these mistakes? Write books for nonexistent readers, write books nobody wants, just one book instead of a series of books. Too much. From now on, this is how to focus on writing and books.

If something doesn’t work, you get disoriented or takes too much time, let it go and move on. Concentrate your time and energy on your work and repeat the process over and over. If a book is well made, create a sequel, prequel, or another sketch to help you make more money. If your last book’s promotional cost was $ 100 and the promotional cost was only $ 50, I don’t need to tell you it was a bad business decision.

Ultimately, a book is an asset, nothing more. Deny the idea that this is a work of art or an expression of yourself and who you are. People who think that way live the lifestyle of a hungry artist. Those who view their books as profitable or loss-making businesses will not.

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