How to Improve English Writing Skill and Learning to Write Correct English

In India, English is no longer a foreign language. Many people in our country use written and spoken English as their main means of communication in everyday life for various purposes. However, compared to the spoken form, English writing is considered an important lever for personal future and present growth. Most of our education and training institutions emphasize oral English, while the development of written skills has been neglected. Now everyone – business people, homemakers, students, and job counselors are aware of the importance of excellent writing skills.

Even people with college, bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees do not have written communication skills. Inadequate grammar or improper use of grammar in sentence structure can lead to insufficient clarity in writing. A study summary published in “Personnel Trends” found: “The writing ability of executives … is shocking, showing that schools and colleges have failed miserably. At least two-thirds of people cannot write a simple letter through educational channels.” Communication is essential in today’s society.

It is not enough to speak and understand spoken English. In the digital age, writing English is usually a necessary skill for many professions and fields. Writing skills can be the ticket to higher university grades and higher academic achievement. According to a study by the Pew Internet Project, 83% of parents believe that writing is more in demand today than 20 years ago, while 9% of parents believe good writing skills are more important than ever. To improve your writing skills, you can enroll in any writing course.

  • How to write topic sentences
  • Type of sentence
  • Paragraph type
  • Different types of paper
  • Tips for expanding, summarizing, and rewriting topics
  • Words to describe people, individuality
  • Narrative words
  • FANBOYS uses comma technique
  • Royal adjective
  • The royal order of adverbs
  • List of words that describe shape and likeness
  • Use appropriate words to describe the celebration.
  • List of adjectives describing relationships
  • A term used to describe local stores and shops.
  • Adjectives to describe your friends
  • Words that describe the enemy
  • Synonyms of words commonly used in student writing
  • Describe people: people
  • How to write a notification
  • Writing skills
  • Font style
  • Appropriate words for writing biological data
  • Glossary of Cover Letter
  • How to Write Personal Feelings
  • How to write a memo
  • Phone message
  • Description of the event
  • Newspaper article
  • Explanation of figures and paragraphs.
  • How to answer the questions in the exam only if you know the first question word.
  • How to write short sentences
  • How to blog
  • How to write a project report
  • How to write essay sentences

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