Popular ‘Karma Quotes and Sayings’ on What Goes Around Comes Around

They say what goes around, comes around. Do you believe that is true? Many believe in this wholeheartedly. Karma is a concept that comes from India, origins in the Sanskrit language. It means that whatever you do gets to you eventually. Basically, you reap the seeds you sow. Best Karma Quotes and sayings on what goes around come around do have a certain sense about them. Some people even believe in multiple lives, that if you do good in one life you are reborn accordingly. On the other hand, if your karma is bad then it will eventually come back to you and affect you badly. This is an unexplained phenomenon that many people swear by.

It is commonly accepted the knowledge that if you do good deeds for the people around you, they will be more likely to be good back to you. If you treat the world and other people negatively, they too are not going to help you when you need something. That is why you should read popular Karma Quotes and Sayings on what goes around comes around.

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Karma Quotes

They say karma is a bitch. If you do negative deeds and say bad things about people, karma will come to bite you in the rear end. Is this really true? A huge number of people do believe so. For many people, personal experience has taught them that a man’s experiences are largely based on what he is putting out into the world. What that means is, if you do good and project positivity, your life will be all the more positive. Karma quotes are amazing for this line of thought.

It is also true that if you actually do believe in the concept of karma, it is more likely to work on you. If we sow the seeds of anger, negativity, and jealousy, we will reap similar results from other people. Definitely, karma is a real thing. We can choose what kind of energy we want to put out into the world, and in turn, the world rewards us accordingly. Read these brilliant Karma Quotes and Sayings to know more about it.

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“If you give a good thing to the world, then over time your karma will be good, and you’ll
receive good.”

“According to the karma of past actions, one’s destiny unfolds, even though everyone
wants to be so lucky.”

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”

“Most times, how you treat your children is how they grow up to treat you.”

Karma Quotes
Karma Quotes

“People pay for what they do, and still more, for what they have allowed themselves to become. And they pay for it simply: by the lives they lead.”

“Don’t waste time on revenge. The people who hurt you will eventually face their own

“Karma has a surprising way of taking care of situations. All you have to do is to sit back
and watch.”

“You cannot do harm to someone because someone has done harm to you. You will
pay just like they will.”

Karma Quotes
Karma Quotes

“Karma bides it’s time. You will always have to watch out. Karma is unforgiving and
always gets payback.”

“Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in
happiness. If we act non-virtuously, suffering results.”

“I believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the good is collected. When positive things are
made, that returns well.”

“I try to live with the idea that karma is a very real thing. So I put out what I want to get

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What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes & Sayings

In so many instances of your life, you notice that someone is doing something wrong. It may be mistreating a family member or it may be committing a crime. It may not come as a surprise to you when eventually that person goes through some sort of suffering that somehow seems to be the result of their own actions. This is what they mean when they say, what goes around comes around. What goes around comes around sayings are wonderful to push us towards positivity.

It is a great feeling when you are appreciated for something or if you receive good news. You can’t help but feel that perhaps you deserved it. On the other hand, you may be feeling guilty about a mistake you made and just then you get some bad news. Even at such a time, you tend to feel it was due to your actions, and it was your fault. Maybe it is true that karma works with everything, just not in a predictable fashion. Read some brilliant ‘What goes around comes around Quotes and Sayings’ to know just how true this is!

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“There’s a natural law of karma that vindictive people, who go out of their way to hurt others, will end
up broke and alone.”

“As long as karma exists, the world changes. There will always be karma to be taken care of.”

“As she has planted, so does she harvest; such is the field of karma.”

“Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

Karma Quotes and Sayings
Karma Quotes and Sayings

“Karma comes after everyone eventually. You can’t get away with screwing people over your whole life, I don’t care who you are. What goes around comes around. That’s how it works. Sooner or later the universe will serve you the revenge that you deserve.”

“Do good and good will follow you.”

“Karma, simply put, is an action for action, good or bad.”

Karma Quotes and Sayings
Karma Quotes and Sayings

“No need for revenge. Just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves and if you’re lucky, God will let you watch.”

“Men are not punished for their sins, but by them.”

“My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground upon which I stand.”

“Sin makes its own hell, and goodness its own heaven.”

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