Write Yoast Style For Online SEO Success

Write about young people’s style on your blog, and you will learn the key components of popular SEO writing results that are valid everywhere you write.

Yoast is a plugin for WordPress. If you don’t have it, you may need to ask the webmaster to add it to your WordPress blog. If so, follow the instructions below to learn how best to use it:

1-keyword phrase

Use the keyword as the first 3-5 words in the title, the title text in the subtitle (Title 2), and as alternative text for the images you use in the article. If possible, use the same words as the anchor text for links placed in the content.

2- Edit meta description code snippet

Add about 20 words using keyword phrases in the code segment and edit the code segment in the Yoast file box. This is an important part of helping others find articles online.

3- Write 300 words or more

If you don’t have more than 300 words to say on a particular topic, it may not be worth it as this is the minimum number of words you need. And they should be value-driven words. Please don’t be lazy to add real content and make sure it adds value to your website.

4- Use short sentences

Yes, I know. Even when I am forced, I cannot do this. Therefore because the program needs it. I learn to shorten sentences. Sometimes the odd number method is used to shorten the length of the sentence.

5- Keep it simple and dumb

According to my granddaughter, this word may not sound right, but it is a word. Moreover, this is a principle. Use it. Principles, not words.

6- Use transition words

Yes, this is driving me crazy too. But this is a requirement. Yoast hopes that at least 30% of your sentences have transition words because they say so. Like these: first, last, moreover, because therefore the same, less, but the opposite, so worth mentioning and especially relevant. If you don’t use these words, you will quickly become obsolete in the eyes of yeast.

7- Write with active voice

This is very important. It makes the article more readable and has a greater impact. Shorter sentences also help improve readability and speech because you don’t cover your thoughts.

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